Tarrant County Top Divorce Lawyers

Maximize your chances for a positive outcome in your divorce by enlisting the help of the Tarrant County top divorce lawyers. Jim Ross Law Group is proud to serve both men and women that are facing this intimidating transition in life.

Everything from property division and child custody arrangements are at stake — the things that you likely care about most in life. It’s paramount that you work with a team that is proven when it comes to navigating divorces.

Jim Ross Law Group has proven to a long list of satisfied clients that we are indeed one of the top divorce lawyers in Tarrant County TX. Our team will aggressively advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout this process.


Facing divorce? Put the Tarrant County top divorce lawyers in your corner

Jim Ross Law Group has all the hallmarks of a divorce attorney that you can trust. When you work with our team, you’re not only working with some of the top divorce lawyers in Tarrant County TX, but also attorneys that will prove to be:

  • Experienced: Our attorneys and staff members combine for decades of experience working on divorce cases and addressing the many issues that come with them — everything from alimony, child support and child custody to property division and more. This experience serves us well when we take on new clients.
  • Compassionate: Divorces are often fraught with many negative emotions. We work with clients that tell us they’re feeling everything from angry to defeated and hopeless. We want to lift you up and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have concerns or worries, don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team — we’ll help you understand the situation and find hope.
  • Aggressive: Your attorney is the one person in the legal proceedings that will be looking out for your best interests. You need one that is aggressive and won’t back down when you’re being short-changed. The team at Jim Ross Law Group will make sure that you’re treated fairly and that your legal rights are kept intact.

Let us show your firsthand why so many satisfied clients consider Jim Ross Law Group to be one of the Tarrant County top divorce lawyers. Connect with our team right now and arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation. We can talk to you about how to get started working with our team.